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Consider a conservative estimate (on the low side) verses a liberal estimate (on the high side). Where the words 'liberal' or 'conservative' are ADJECTIVES not Nouns, first of all. What exactly defines a Conservative then?

Perhaps, mainly, someone who believes we should have little next to no Federal Government perhaps. And see how close we come to reducing the size and power of our US government to what it was back in 1810. Where there is little next to no Federal Government authority in our daily lives, but maintaining US government authority, primarily when it comes to current US Criminal Law code. For example, back in the 1830s the national debt was 200 thousand dollars. It could have been paid off in a month or two, when it comes to being a fiscal conservative.

Whereas being a fiscal conservative does not mean you support de facto monopolies that effectively outlaw the practice of true capitalism. But promote the general well-being of whole nation (what was meant by the general welfare in our US Constitution, not putting everyone on welfare). Fiscal conservatives need not dispense with the safety nets like the welfare programs or social security. Laws can provide incentives to stay off welfare and disincentives to get off the welfare rolls in a year or two. Eliminate the 200 thousand dollar annual income cap on contributions to social security would keep it solvent and improve the benefits. Where the computer program that administers Medicare financial transactions and billing codes could be used as a nation-wide foundation for all health care and pharmacy financial transactions and billing codes. This would not cost us one red cent.

Back in the mid 1950s we had a decent IRS tax code which was like Jacob's Ladder, right out of the bible. With nine or ten socio-economic rungs to climb with tax brackets that encouraged investment in our US manufacturing plants to keep up with current technology to fall into lower corporate tax brackets. The statute tax rates provided incentives to actually create decent jobs and disincentives.

We need to go on a silver standard with silver clad coins. Silver dollars and quarters (1/4 of a silver dollar) and dimes (1/10th of a silver dollar). Then our paper currency would become silver certificates and our money would be backed by silver coinage. We need to file a general bankruptcy or Section 8, nationwide, for each and every US citizen's personal debt and small business. Not for the Federal Government to take advantage of. Most all of American Corporations are globalist, de facto monopolies and need be fined hundreds of millions per fiscal quarter for engaging in illegal monopolistic trade practice. But not US public utilities like Con Ed or Am Trak, or like Ma Bell or Con Rail. We need a better Sherman Anti-Trust act and US Departments of Public Utilities not to manage these utilities directly, just the financial regulations to prevent profit gouging and price fixing by natural monopolies in the form of public utility providers in the private sector. De Facto monopolies were supposed to be outlawed by the Sherman Anti-Trust act. Instead a bunch of hypocrites institutionalized de facto monopolies and never legitimized natural monopolies or public utilities on a nation-wide scale. They do cross state lines, don't they?

There are too many laws and these laws are riddled with loopholes for criminal shyster lawyers, mountains of red tape and catch 22s of endless run-arounds. This must come to an end. Most all our laws wind up computerized and the laws on the books need to be mostly abolished and vastly simplified in plain English. Streamlined and made more intuitive to grasp. Fair, equitable and just laws need to take the place of the verbiage we currently have. Laws that make sense and stand to reason. A major overhaul of our laws that appeal to common sense.

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